About Rick Bowen .... Rick is the President of Rick Bowen Productions. He is a certified scuba diver with 35 years experience and has an interest in underwater treasure salvage. He is also the Executive Producer for the TV show "Underwater Explorer" and author of the booklet "Florida´s Best Diving."

Music .... His musical interests include his recording of an album, which can be heard over the Internet at J-Bird Records. He also recorded "Tennessee Rock & Country Football Songs" as a tribute to the University of Tennessee football program. He wrote and recorded the song "Shake the Sugar Bowl" in 1985 when the Vols won the Sugar Bowl.

Hobbies .... Scuba diving, jogging, working out, hiking, boating, and adventure travel in the Caribbean.

Booklet .... "Florida´s Best Diving" A description of Florida´s best scuba diving areas, reefs, and wrecks. If you would like to order this booklet or other items from Rick,  "Click Here."

Email .... abowen@esper.com

Links .... J-Bird Records    http://www.j-birdrecords.com
                  IUMA                  http://www.iuma.com
                  Scuba Ring           http://scubaring.com




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